Nick Stucke Bio & Interview

Dependable, reliable and focused, Nick Stucke is the epitome of a first-born child. The oldest of four, this former soccer guru and internet media enthusiast is passionate about mountain biking, playing disc golf with his friends and being active in the outdoors. There’s not much that Nick isn’t enthusiastic about and he often demonstrates that by being the first to dive head-first into new projects, always doing more than expected.

This low-key, family guy has an impeccable eye for detail and an inspiring ‘take life as it comes’ attitude. A graduate of UW-Platteville, Nick’s official background is in Construction Management, but he traded in his work boots and bucked the status quo in order to ‘live the dream.’

Nick’s penchant for e-commerce makes him a perfect fit for the Aventuron team and his dedication to the overall customer experience is unlike anything else you’ll find in the outdoor industry.

A little-known fact about Nick is that he’s a purveyor of roasted nuts, kettle popcorn, and specialty popcorn of all flavors, including caramel, maple and chocolate, to name a few. His gourmet deliciousness can be found all-across the country.

Here’s a few more interesting tidbits about Mr. Dependability himself.

1.  What brought you to Aventuron?

"In short, I was recruited. One of my good friends from high school and college works here (Anton) and I could see how much he was enjoying the job and his work. I would come into the shop at nights and hang out while he would build customer bikes. So, when he invited me to come on board, I jumped at the opportunity. Besides, it didn’t take me long after graduation to figure out that I didn’t ‘love’ what I had gone to college for and this was a chance to live my dream while working for folks that are living THEIR dream. There’s no way I could lose."

"I’ve also always been fascinated by e-commerce and that’s essentially a huge part of what Aventuron does. I was super excited to learn all that I could in that arena. I’ve always been self-taught and part of what drew me into this position knowing how much I could learn from the owners, who are huge resources."

2.  What makes you stick around?

"There’s a uniqueness that ties us all together. Everything we do here is interesting and no two days are ever the same. You’re working with cool products, cool companies and cool people. It’s never dull and there’s always something more to do, more to add, more to look at, more to learn, more to improve upon. I feel like I’ve only really learned a fraction of what there is to this company and listening to Kate and Carl describe their vision for the future keeps us all fired up and inspired. Time always flies here, and you never dread the workday."

"Actually, you don’t even mind working longer than usual or coming in on the weekends because it never truly feels like work. It’s always fun."

3.  Do you have an outdoor background?

"As a kid, I was always outdoors. Granted I'm still fairly young but I'm still in the age where a Gameboy or Nintendo DS was a popular electronic. I didn’t have access to all the electronics that today’s kids have so I grew up with no other options. That is all still very much ingrained into my everyday life with the addition of a few more hobbies along the way, including cycling, camping, and hiking. I’m getting more into overlanding and I’m just learning about fly-fishing.  I’m super excited to learn more, especially as Aventuron continues to grow in that market and right now it’s a pretty hot niche."

4.  What’s your current role here?

"My current position is Frontend Website Designer and Product Specialist. What my current position entails is designing the layout and organization of the website(s) and how it looks on the consumer end. In addition, I also add and maintain products on the site so they look accurate and are sorted into the right areas. It’s my job to make sure that shopping on our site is an enjoyable experience for the customer, no matter what they’re shopping for. As you can see, I don’t have one single daily task. It’s always free-flowing and different, which makes it fun and I love that."

"At Aventuron, we don’t want folks to see this as a corporate sporting goods or big box website. We want them to know that they’re buying from a family owned and operated company getting the personalized touch and support to their shopping experience. Everything should be well displayed, organized and easy to access. We know the value of a returning customer who’s pleased with their experience and want the website to reflect and encourage that."

5.  What surprised you the most about coming to work here?

"At the time when I joined the company, when you'd call us, you wouldn't have gotten an automated system or have been dispatched to a group of customer service representatives. You would've talked to Carl, the owner himself. He’s committed to making customer service a key focus of what we do here every day and he leads by example. At this point, we have grown enough where we have hired on a few customer support staff to help with the increase in calls and chats that come with growing a company. But, Carl is still on the phone all day with customers which tells you how much positive customer support means to him and how much of a leader he is stepping into any aspect of the business whenever it is needed."

"The communication here is amazing. The company is fast paced but it’s the exact opposite of a typical 9-5 job. We all have freedom, flexibility and the trust of our bosses. It’s like working with a big group of your very best friends. I have the best of both worlds here, we all do. We get to do what we love and get paid for it."

"Kate and Carl are a wealth of knowledge and an unending source of ideas. They’re willing to back any of us up when we have different ideas and you don’t find that with other companies. Everyone gets along with one another and there’s a total synergy between our own individual roles, but we still work incredibly well as a team. There’s never a dull moment and they really encourage us in the field of entrepreneurship."

6.  What drives you and keeps you motivated?

"Making sure we help our customer base, that we make every experience a great experience for them. I enjoy having fun at my job and I get that here. I’ve never wanted to look back on my life and think, ‘Man I really hated that job,’ and I know now that I won’t. Yes I am going to have down times, but I'd rather have way more ups than downs. I love to take one day at a time, making the most of everything that you do. I don’t take any of this for granted. This is a young company and I love the idea of helping it grow into something epic. You only learn what you’re truly made of when you’re willing to take risks and, here, those risks come with amazing rewards and potential."

7.  What would you be doing if you weren’t working here?

"I know this is totally random, but I’m pretty interested in photography so something around that such as real estate photography would interest me. I’m not a big city guy, so I can see me someday combining my love of e-commerce with that to maybe build a side gig. E-commerse and YouTube have always interested me so exploring that is always on-going. But I’d really like to stay here as long as they’ll keep me. Who knows how big this thing can really get!!"

8.  What would you tell someone who’s considering coming to work at Aventuron?

"We don’t really need a sales pitch. I’d just invite them to join me at work for a day so they can experience what it’s like because it would be impossible to describe otherwise.  I’d want them to get to know Kate and Carl and their personalities, not to mention their two awesome kiddos. They’re so much fun and still hard-working at the same time. No matter what their experience would be like, without a doubt, this would be an intriguing spot for just about anyone!!"

If you’re not yet an Aventuron customer, you should be!! Nick Stucke will see to it that you’ll never want to shop anywhere else!!

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