Wolf Jewelry / Watch Boxes / Watch Winder Cases

Facts and Features that make WOLF standout

Heritage and History 

WOLF is a 184-year-old, 5th generation, family owned, luxury leather goods company known for superb quality and craftsmanship. Strong traditions, techniques and expertise have been passed down from each generation.

Watch Longevity and Display Accuracy

WOLF Watch winders not only keep the watch’s displays accurate when not on the wrist, but also help conserve its value by keeping the entire movement lubricated and in motion.

Accuracy and Precision 

WOLF's patented "Quartz Eye" counts the exact turns per day, while others only estimate.

Intermittent Winding

Each "drum" of a WOLF winder rotates intermittently, allowing the mainspring of the watch to slightly unwind during pause modes. During each 24-hour cycle, the winder will complete its turns per day within 6 hours, then go into "sleep mode,” (pausing for 18 hours). 

This start and stop process is highly recommended by Swiss watchmakers.

Dependable Motors

WOLF winders feature the most dependable, reliable motors with SILENT NYLON gears

Lock in Cuff System

WOLF features a patented "Lock in Cuff" system to keep precious watches locked securely in the rotating drum. This system creates an efficient use of gravity, allowing the watch to rotate upright and evenly, instead of being tilted at an angle. The cuffs will accommodate the heaviest of watches, locking into the rotating drum with a clean snapping sound.


WOLF Manufactures an amazingly broad spectrum of products for watch care enthusiasts.

From small single winders, to advanced multiple unit Bluetooth controlled cabinets and state of the art safes.

Start Delay Feature

WOLF'S programmable models have a "Start Delay" feature for watches that are going into the winder while essentially already wound, or have a power reserve. The winder can be set to delay starting the entire rotation cycle from 6 to 72 hours.

User Friendly Programming

WOLF’s selected models enable the user to EASILY "program" the number of "turns per day" with clockwise, counter clockwise, or bi-directional options.


All of WOLF'S winders include wall plug in power adapters that will work for USA and most foreign countries. Many models have additional battery power options intended for traveling, or for placing the unit inside a safe.

Jewelry Preservation 

WOLF’s handcrafted jewelry cases feature a patented “Lusterloc” anti-tarnish interior, keeping jewelry tarnish free for up to 35 years

Exquisite and Elegant Looks

WOLF’s luxurious exteriors portray quality, class, and distinction. Most items are available in various colors, sizes, and stackable versions.

Warranties and Customer Service

All products are built with pride and care, thus backed with solid warranties. 

WOLF’s customer service is outstanding and always available for questions or custom orders.