Airshot 1.15L Tubeless Inflator


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Tubeless, simplified.

We all agree that tubeless has promise, with its pinch flat resistance and lower pressure capacity making for better handling and more time enjoying the ride. However, between wasted CO2 cartridges and time spent hopping from shop to shop in search of a compressor that will seat a finicky tire, setting up a tubeless tire system can be quite the involved process. The Airshot 1.15L Tubeless Inflator lets you save those CO2s and provides compressor-free pressurized air right at home to get your tubeless tires up and running.

The Airshot cylinder is pressurized using an everyday floor pump through a presta valve interface at the top of the nozzle. Once pressurized, a release tap lets you control air flow into the tire for a quick burst that should seat even the most rebellious tires. The cylinder and end cap system combined is about as tall as your average house cat, so it's portable and will store in closets or under beds as easily as a hiding tabby until your next tire changing adventure.

Weight: 435 grams

Dimensions: 39.5 x 11 x 8 cm

Type: Accessories

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