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Ameristep Deadwood™ Stump Hub Blind

At Ameristep, we like to build what should be impossible. Creating an authentic, lifelike tree stump blind was that kind of a mission. But after years of development, we got what we were after with the Deadwood™ kick-out blind. This is the most realistic portable tree stump blind you’ll find on the market; its ability to mimic nature is undeniable.

The addition of kick-out technology not only adds room and maneuverability inside the blind, it also contributes to the Deadwood’s realistic shape outside the blind. Further improving cover, all shooting windows display a natural, organic shape that blends with the environment. The windows have more than just the right shape – they have the right materials and functionality, too. Shoot directly through the replaceable shoot-through mesh, or adjust the silent window cover to customize your shot without making a sound. Finally, access the blind via the new hinged silent door for quick entry that retains your cover. All this combines to let you hunt your way without compromise.


Pack Size 10" x 42"
Height 70"
Weight 20 lbs.
Window Openings 17
Window System Silent daisy chain
Shell Fabric HD 300D poly
Footprint 104" x 84"
Shooting Width 75"


  • Deadwood™ Stump blind
  • Custom blind wrap
  • Tent stakes
  • Tie-down rope


  • Most realistic portable tree stump blind on the market
  • Unique silhouette blends into environment better than square blinds
  • Three floor kick-outs offer ample additional storage space
  • Two roof kick-outs create more standing room and better shot for bows
  • New hinged silent door for easy access and silent entry/exit
  • Organic, natural-shaped window openings blend into environment
  • Easily adjustable silent window cover and mesh attachment
  • Blind wrap carrying case doubles as storage system inside blind
  • Heavy-duty 300D fabric shell
  • Mesh windows in roof kick-outs provide additional viewing options

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