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Ameristep Warlock™ Hub Blind

This bow-friendly blind stays with you through every season and every hunt. Its versatile windows can accommodate whatever weapon you bring inside; full-length windows on two sides allow for unobstructed vertical bow shots, while the other two sides feature a split curtain with windows for rifle hunting. The Warlock™ also gets a step up with ZS3™ carbon-enhanced fabric to combat scents, sounds and shine. Inside, an additional layer of ShadowGuard™ coating reduces shadows and silhouettes.


Pack Size 8" x 46"
Height 72"
Weight 19 lbs.
Window Openings 10
Window System Dual window system
Shell Fabric ZS3™
Footprint 65" x 65"
Shooting Width 82"


  • Warlock™ ground blind
  • Carrying case
  • Tent stakes
  • High-wind tie-downs


  • Split curtain on two sides and full-length bow windows on two sides
  • Brush loops for adding natural foliage
  • ZS3™ carbon-enhanced fabric reduces scent, noise and sheen
  • ShadowGuard™ coating eliminates shadows and silhouettes
  • Rugged Spider Hub® frame for easy setup and takedown

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