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ARB 1291 BASE Rack Guard Rails

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Make It Your Own

Ultra sleek, boasting a super low profile and lightweight design, the BASE Rack provides unmatched simplicity, flexibility and personalization in your roof rack set-up. Setting a new benchmark in strength and integration, the BASE Rack incorporates a revolutionary dovetail mounting system that makes attaching and removing loads and accessories easier, faster and more secure.

Key Features

• Guard Rail kit available as Full, ¾, ¼ or Trade configurations.
• Cast aluminum corner caps attach to fully welded cross rail or side rail assembly.
• Cast aluminum corner caps.
• Cast aluminum upright clamps.
• Fastened to BASE Rack assembly with a combination of torx M6, M8 and nyloc nuts.
• Cover cap included for ¼, ¾ and Trade style Guard Rail kits

Design & Development

ARB’s BASE Rack has been designed around the premise of “Build, Attach, Set, Explore” allowing customers to set up, and importantly, change how the rack is configured and used.

ARB BASE Rack guard rails are available in four different configurations. The optional guard rails attach to the perimeter dovetail extrusion and are easily removed or fitted when required.

Importantly no internal load space is sacrificed when fitting the guard rail options and other BASE Rack accessories can still be fitted to the outer perimeter dovetail.


Fully-welded from extruded aluminum with a cross beam design, the BASE Rack has no requirement for a supporting subframe and exerts no flex under load. Each internal and perimeter beam is constructed from a single seamless extruded aluminum box piece with internal bracing for added strength.

The superior strength properties is what has allowed such close mounting to the vehicle’s roofline.


The BASE Rack is manufactured from extruded aluminum beams. To further increase each beam’s rigidity, an additional aluminum bracing has been introduced which runs the entire length of each and every perimeter and internal cross-section.

Unique in design, the BASE Rack runs its beams horizontally instead of laterally, resulting in maximum strength and rigidity. Its strength omits the need of a subframe allowing the rack to sit lower for a sleeker finish.


A one-piece, fully welded platform rack fitted to a range of low-profile blade mounts, the BASE Rack provides improved access into low clearance areas, all the while looking sleek on the roof of your pride and joy!


By incorporating a dovetail extrusion around both the full perimeter and along each edge of the internal beams, the BASE Rack provides endless mounting and attachment options.

Side mounting also frees up more uninterrupted cargo space along the top of each internal and external beam.


The BASE Rack is available in a number of sizes to complement the vast range of 4WDs on the market.

Sold standard as a low-profile platform rack, the it can easily transform into a touring or trade rack by simply installing the rail system that best suits your needs!

As each size reduces, the BASE Rack drops an internal beam. The strength of the BASE Rack has also allowed the exclusive fitment of a 72.2in rack to the full range of ARB Canopies.


Designed for the tourer. The rails running around the perimeter of the rack act as a load block, helping to prevent larger items such as swags and tents from shifting when loading and unloading, as well as during transit.


A cross between full and trade rails, 3/4 rails, along with an optional roller kit, assist with easy rear loading of large and awkward items while still providing load security at the front of the rack. Also designed for rear folding rooftop tents, subject to tent width.

1/4 Rails

Perfect for campers, this style of rail is great for rooftop tents while still providing ample storage and load security at the front of the rack.

Trade Rails

The trade option; great for loading long items such as timber and ladders with an optional roller kit to help glide long or awkward items onto the rack. The side rails prevent items from slipping or rolling of the rack during loading and allow you to fill the rack right up to the edge.


Mounting kits are available for fitment to the 80 Series, and 60 Series Land Cruisers as well as all gutter mount vehicles (Classic Range Rover, Jeep Cherokee XJ, etc.). Blade rail mounting systems are available for the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series, 5th Generation Toyota 4Runner, and Jeep Wrangler JL

This range will expand with more SUV applications, as well as a comprehensive range of cab racks for mid-sized pickup applications.