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Atomik Carbon Chubby 43 - 27.5+ Mountain Wheelset

Atomik Carbon

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The PHATTY’s slightly less plump little brother, the CHUBBY 43 offers the same HDP (High-Density Performance)  Foamcore technology and Solowall construction of its big bro coupled with an exceptionally strong 12K carbon weave in a 27.5+ rim. Designed to fit most 29er frames as well as dedicated 27.5+ frames, the CHUBBY provides a taste of the traction offered by fatbikes while maintaining the nimble and familiar ride of their all-mountain or trail bike, whether looking to make the most of the white stuff or just experience the trails in a new way.

The CHUBBY 43 features a hefty 43-millimeter width (36-millimeter inner diameter) to maximize the footprint of your plus tires, effectively hitting the mute button on trail chatter and offering gobs of grip. We also engineered the scant 15-millimeter low-profile design to minimize damage from trail shrapnel to keep them looking better longer. The minimal surface area also means there’s no place for the nasty stuff to hang on, reducing unwanted weight and mess when shredding snow, sand and muck.

The CHUBBY tips the scales and just 480 grams, but it’s no lightweight when it comes to being punished on the trail. Light can be strong, and that’s why we crafted our Solowall rims from the strongest 12K carbon fiber available for a wheel that will shrug off impacts, then wrapped them around our aerospace-grade HDP Foamcore to enhance stiffness and damping qualities for a ride you’ll have to experience to believe. To top it off, the beefy 3.5-millimeter  hookless sidewall helps to dissipate the force of impacts when things get ugly.

Throw a set on your 29″ trail bike and experience the thrill of mountain biking all over again.

Atomik Carbon Product Testing from Atomik Carbon on Vimeo.


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