Backpacker's Pantry

Backpacker's Pantry Granola w/ Bananas, Almonds and Milk - 1 Serving

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SKU: OF1079

Artisan, small batch granola made just for Backpacker’s Pantry is combined with nutritious almonds, banana chips & rbst-free whole milk for a calorie dense, satisfying and great tasting breakfast on the trail. A local granola company hand bakes the base with real butter, almonds & coconut. Backpacker’s Pantry adds the rbst-free whole milk powder and free-dried bananas. This is a favorite of all ages.

  • High-protein, high-calorie and super tasty, this will become your go-to breakfast in the woods, on a mountain or in a boat
  • No need for a carton of milk, this is the ideal emergency meal too
  • Lightweight and convenience makes it ideal for travel too
  • Low in sodium and Soy free.

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