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Bauer Fly Reels


Bauer RX Fly Reel

The Bauer RX Fly Reel is all about precision, performance, and perfection. If you aren’t after these qualities in your fly reel, you’re in the wrong place. We are proud and excited to offer the Bauer RX Fly Reel here at Aventuron for our fellow anglers who are looking to bring their game to the next level with a high quality and high performance fly reel.Featuring awesome performance, superb quality and a beautiful, contemporary aesthetic, RX trout and saltwater reels represent the pinnacle of USA manufacturing and design, and redefine smooth and reliable. The Bauer RX Fly Reel series is built on two different size drag packages in order to best suit the needs of a variety of anglers fishing in all kinds of situations.

RX 1, 2, 3, 4

Smaller, lightweight reels that can handle lines 2wt though 8wt and are ideal for all freshwater applications, as well as light salt. Perfect for trout, smallmouth bass, bonefish and other species.

RX 5, 6, 7

These larger RX reels were designed to handle and subdue extremely powerful fish such as tarpon, peacock bass, dorado, permit and other hard fighters that will quickly prove whether a reel is up to the task. They feature stronger seals, a more powerful structure and a drag system that features multiple carbon discs and five times the surface area for maximum stopping power and control.


RX Reels are available with a Black handcrafted, polished frame, Gold hub and the following spool color choices: Black, Dark Green or Charcoal/Graphite. You can also choose from an optional spool color for a $35 upcharge, and the colors available are:Red, Blue, Green, Gold, or new Light Titanium. You can also choose to add an optional hub color in Blue or Red for an additional $25 upcharge.

RX 1 3.00 in 3.5 oz 3/4/5 wt WF5+ (55yd. 20#) $495 $225
RX 2 3.25 in 3.8 oz 4/5/6 wt WF5+ (100yd. 20#) $525 $240
RX 3 3.50 in 4.2 oz 5/6/7 wt WF6+ (135yd. 20#) $655 $295
RX 4 3.75 in 5.3 oz 6/7/8 wt WF7+ (175yd. 20#) $675 $305
RX 5 4.00 in 7.8 oz 7/8/9 wt WF8+ (225yd. 30#) $755 $340
RX 6 4.25 in 8.6 oz 9/10/11 wt WF10+ (350yd. 30#) $855 $385
RX 7 4.50 in 9.4 oz 11/12/13 wt WF12+ (450yd. 30#) $925 $420

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