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Bauer Fly Reels

Bauer SST Fly Reel

Introduced in 2017, our latest reel combines a striking design with superior, exceptionally smooth performance. Featuring a narrow profile frame design, the SST offers a proven fully sealed carbon fiber drag system, star drag knob operation and a variety of star color options. As with all our reels, the SST is precision-machined and built to meet the requirements of the most demanding anglers and angling situations. The Bauer SST Fly Reel is an extraordinary new reel for 2 through 9wt lines.

The biggest difference between the Bauer SST Fly Reel and the CFX reel is that the drag knob is on the front of the reel on the spool, giving the rear of the reel a beautifully sleek look that is different than any other fly reel you’ve seen before. We carefully constructed the Bauer SST Fly Reel to provide an exceptionally smooth drag that is the best in its class. The drag knob is still easily accessible, and we were careful to design this new look to be as practical as possible.

The quality of construction and performance of the Bauer SST Fly Reel outranks all other fly reels in this price range and above. With high tolerance and no play in the spool, we’ve built this spool to last. Our customers rave about the Bauer SST Fly Reel, calling it one of the best if not the best 3-6 wt reels on the market today.


SST Reels are available in Silver/Clear anodized aluminum with Red hub and Star Dial in the following colors: Silver/Clear, Black, Dark Green, Red or Blue.


For the new SST, we’ve simplified the naming protocol for each reel. Example: SST 4 is ideal for a 4wt line. However, each SST can be used with lines one size smaller or larger depending on the user’s preference.

SST 3 3.00 in 3.6 oz 2/3/4 wt WF3+ (60yd. 20#) $375 $170
SST 4 3.12 in 3.8 oz 3/4/5 wt WF4+ (80yd. 20#) $425 $195
SST 5 3.25 in 4.0 oz 4/5/6 wt WF5+ (100yd. 20#) $495 $225
SST 6 3.50 in 4.6 oz 5/6/7 wt WF6+ (150yd. 20#) $545 $245
SST 7 3.75 in 5.8 oz 6/7/8 wt WF7+ (175yd. 20#) $625 $285
SST 8 4.00 in 6.5 oz 7/8/9 wt WF8+ (225yd. 20#) $695 $315


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