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Bradley Smoker


Bradley Professional Smoker

Bradley Smoker Professional P10, 4 Rack, 1000W Electric Smoker, 76L, Stainless steel

Bradley’s New Hot Smoker! With 4 Racks, 1000W heating elements, smoke for up to 10 hours with no refil, completely insulated and professional grade 76L stainless steel body design.

Bradley Smoker Professional P10 is our new Hot Smoker!

The 4 Rack 1000W Food Smoker is perfect for professional chefs and food smoking fans. To master hot and cold food smoking.

Improved temperature accuracy! Featuring PID controlled heating. In other words, heat up and recover temperature quickly.

Above all enjoy a no babysitting, no hassles experience. Fully automatic, the smoker allows you to simply load Bisquettes and smoke for up to 10 hours.

Featuring dual temperature probes to measure the internal temperature of your recipes. To therefore, never miss doneness again.

Completely insulated and digital (you choose the time, temperature, and amount of smoke). You get consistent, deliciously-smoked results. Every time!

Professional grade 76L stainless steel body design.

Exclusive smart smoking with up to 50 of your favourite recipes. Specifically designed so you can create and download using a USB stick. Controlling, time, smoke, and temperature for the perfect recipe.


Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 22.25 × 28.5 in
Smoker Size


Rated Voltage

120 / 240V AC (country specific by factory default)

Rated Frequency

50 / 60 Hz

Rated Power


Main heating element

2 x 400W

Bisquette burner

2 x 100W

Internal volume


Total racks


Cook time adjustable range


Cook time adjustable increment

10 min at a time

Smoke time adjustable range


Smoke time adjustable increment

20 min at the time

Smoker internal operating temperature range


Smoker internal adjustable range increment

1℃/1 or 2°F at the time

Outside temperature operating range

-9 -50℃/15.8-122°F

Adjustable meat target temperature range


Adjustable range increment

1℃/1 or 2°F at the time

Internal food measurement range



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