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CenterPoint Archery


CenterPoint Heat 415 Crossbow

Exclusively for Dealers and Distributors, the CenterPoint® Heat™ 415 packs a powerful punch. Measuring 12-inches axle-to-axle when cocked it delivers up to 415 fps and generates up to 153 fpe. The Heat 415 is equipped with the innovative Whisper Silencing System™ which includes string stops, limb dampeners and string silencers for the ultimate in noise reduction and vibration control.

Featuring a CNC-machined aluminum cam system, aluminum rail, anti-dry fire and auto safety, an adjustable stock, crank cocker for ease of draw and 4x32mm scope. CenterPoint Archery offers a 5-year limited warranty. Between the ultra-narrow width, speed and whisper-quiet shot the Heat 415 will deliver when the shot counts.

  • "CNC-machined aluminum cam system featuring 12-inch axle-to-axle width when fully-drawn
  • Innovative Whisper Silencing System which includes string stops, limb dampners and string silencers
  • Custom designed riser, aluminum rail, adjustable stock and crank cocker for ease of draw
  • Delivers speeds up to 415 fps with 156 fpe for downrange accuracy
  • Anti-dry fire and auto safety
  • Includes a 5-year limited warranty, three 20-inch carbon arrows, parallel quiver, 4x32mm scope and rail lube"
Weight 7.80 lbs
Product Length 36.00-inches
Width (axle-to-axle) Cocked 12.00-inches
Width (axle-to-axle) Uncocked 15.75-inches
Velocity 415 fps
Kinetic Energy 153 fpe
Power Stroke 14.50-inches
Draw Weight 200 lbs
String Length 34.88 inch
Warranty 5-Year Warranty

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