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CF Burkheimer Two-Hand 3 Piece Spey Rod

* This rod is made-to-order and requires manufacturer's lead-time. If concerned, check with us prior to ordering on current lead-times.

Two-handed rods are synonymous with Spey casting. Some anglers come to embrace Spey casting for its seemingly effortless delivery, some for its romance and grace; whatever your draw there’s no denying the amazing utility of these rods in a wide variety of fishing situations.

Steelhead and Spey flies on the Thompson? Got it. Madison river browns and big sculpin patterns? Check. Stripers eating Clousers in the surf? You bet. Two-handers aren’t just for Atlantic salmon anymore, and our rods do it all.

And they do it well.

We design rods with wide grain windows (chart), forgiving actions and loads of feel. Feel might seem like an esoteric thing, but it’s the tactile expression of the soul of a rod. Rods with feel enhance an anglers performance and enjoyment, and those things aren’t just the domain of guides or instructors. Talk to us about these rods and you may hear us describe them as having “grunt”, or “whump” or “hooahh”. That’s the Burkie feel, and you’ll feel it too.


Reel Seat: Smoked nickel with California Buckeye
Guides: Smoked Nanolite stripper and smoked snakes
Blank Color: Translucent Black
Winding Check: Nickel Silver
Cork Inlay: Five layer
Handle: Hand sorted x-select Flor grade cork



Reel Seat: Bright Nickel with Redwood Burl
Guides: Chrome Nanolite stripper and Snake Brand snakes
Blank Color: Cobalt Blue
Winding Check: Nickel Silver
Cork Inlay: Five layer
Handle: Hand sorted x-select Flor grade cork



Reel Seat:T-6061 dark anodized aluminum
Chrome Nanolite stripper and hard chrome snakes
Blank Color:
Deep Cedar Green
Winding Check:
Nickel Silver
Cork Inlay:
Three layer
Hand sorted select Flor grade cork 

Two Handed Rods - 3 pc.
Model          Length       Line Wt.       Rod Wt.       Classic       Presentation       Vintage
7125-3          12' 5"             7                7.0 oz.       $1,150           $1,295            $1,295
7133-3          13' 3"             7                7.5 oz.       $1,150           $1,295            $1,295
8133-3          13' 3"             8               7.75 oz.      $1,150           $1,295            $1,295
8139-3          13' 9"             8               7.75 oz.      $1,150           $1,295            $1,295
9143-3          14' 3"             9                8.5 oz.       $1,150           $1,295            $1,295
10130-3        13' 0"           10                9.0 oz.       $1,150           $1,295            $1,295
10150-3        15' 0"           10               10.0 oz.      $1,150           $1,295            $1,295

Available Options Per Request

Wood Insert - $35.00

Custom colors - Matte black, Matte green, Matte blue, Natural gloss or Natural matte - $50.00

Inscription - Name or personal saying - N/C

Extended Cork barrel reel seat - $75.00

Titanium Package - $225.00  (includes titanium reel seat and guides)

Extra tip section - $175.00  

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