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Crua Hybrid Hammock Tent Set with Sleeping Bag & Mattress

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The Crua Outdoors Hybrid Hammock or Tent has 4 Essentials in 1. The Crua Hybrid is a single person tent that converts to a camping hammock. Enjoy the flexibility of camping from the trees to camping on the ground. The Crua Hybrid is manufactured to the highest standards to ensure durability and protection. Each Crua Hybrid Set includes a custom-fitted self-inflating mattress, and custom fitted mummy sleeping bag which has double-layered insulation and only weighs 65.6 Oz. Staying warm in harsh weather conditions is a priority, which is why we designed this sleeping bag to withstand temperatures as low as 23°f (-5°C).
Additional features include an integrated anti-bug mesh that allows you to enjoy the flow of fresh air on balmy summer nights without being plagued by creepy crawlies. Also, a waterproof flysheet protects you from the elements in cool, overcast, or rainy conditions.
You can easily zip two Hybrids together and have the choice of staying grounded or suspending your single or Hybrid Twin tents from the trees for an unforgettable night's sleep.