Douglas Upstream PLUS Fly Rod

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The Douglas Upstream PLUS offers that little something extra that you’ve been craving in a rod. The Upstream PLUS provides more power than the Douglas Upstream ultra-lite series while remaining lightweight and easy to use. It gives the angler a solid up locking reel seat for fighting larger fish. Most importantly, it provides a slightly faster action that makes the Upstream PLUS a great choice for people who want enough muscle to land the fish of a lifetime and enough finesse to use the tippet and flies required in tough, technical situations.

The Upstream PLUS is a very special rod. Similar to the Goldilocks story, there are tons of rods out there that are fast, ultra fast, mega fast, and the list goes on. There aren’t many options out there that fall right in the middle at just right. That’s what we set out to attain with the Douglas Upstream PLUS. It’s just the right size, with just the right flex. If you need to protect light tippets, if you’re casting the whole line or short distances, if you’re fishing to spooky trout where delicacy is required, if you need precise cast between 20 and 70 feet, these rods can get it all done. The Upstream PLUS rods are a casters dream. Now, the time and effort spent fighting with your rods to make the right cast is a thing of the past.

  • Progressive actions for refined performance in all trout fishing environments
  • Designed to be the ultimate presentation rod, unmatched in grace and feel
  • Vintage look and feel, designed with the benefits of the most modern nano- resins and components
  • Natural Tonkin bamboo color with matte finish and clear wraps to blend naturally with the surrounding environments
  • Traditional spigot ferrules for unrivaled sensitivity and accuracy
  • These rods are truly exquisite to cast and fish
  • Lifetime warranty