DVO Onyx SC-E1 Suspension Fork - 27.5", 160mm Travel, 42mm Offset, 15 x 110mm, Black

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The Onyx SC-E1 series is based on the solid foundation of the D1 platform, but with an approach to accommodate the use of E-MTB’s and their luxury of ripping both up and down the trail. Due to the added weight and mileage from an E-MTB, the SC-E1 features increased bushing overlap within the casting; providing structural stability and longevity over a longer period of time. The fork utilizes the same D1 damper, helping to maintain a lighter compression tune and supple ride that keeps riders fresh until the battery runs out.

  • 67% More Bushing Overlap compared to the SC-D1
  • Six clicks of low speed compression give quick access to firming up the fork for pedaling, opening for descending, and mid settings for everything in between
  • Over thirty clicks of High Speed Compression give precise control for support on big hits
  • Shim stack controlled rebound that is 100% dynamic; meaning, the rebound is controlled based on the speed at which oil flows through the system
  • Exclusive OTT (Off The Top) adjustment feature allows riders to perfectly fine tune how the initial stroke feels without any mid/end stoke compromise