Fizik Kurve Snake with Carbon Mobius Rails: Black

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Aroine Kurve is ideal for Snake style riders with flexible spines that don't require thick layers of foam padding for comfort but relies on material flex.
Snake-:Those with more flexibility bend to a greater degree at the lower part of the spine. In this position, the sit bones manage most of the body's weight with little pressure on the genital area
Wing Flex: shell flexes downward where the inner thigh contacts the saddle allowing more efficient pedalling and full-range movement
Twin Flex: aramid/carbon shell is bonded to a stiff outer shell and provides a hammock-like feeling; sweet spot for pressure distribution in the perineal region
Mobius Rail: a circular rail construction eliminating pressure points and providing flex
Interchangeable tension system allows riders to customize saddle flex by changing the nose piece
Integrated Clip System: tool-free interface in the saddle base that allows quick attachment and removal of fizik packs and blink lights (ICS is found on all saddles unless noted)