Orvis Helios 3D Fly Rod

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Wyatt Earp once said, “fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” All serious anglers know that when it comes down to it, accuracy is the most important aspect of fly fishing. Whether it's the right drift in the feeding lane, the sightline of a cruising predator, or the right level of the water column, the difference between success and failure is often measured in inches. When you fish with the Helios 3D, you’ll experience the best accuracy of any rod you’ve used before. We know that many modern fly rods are powerful, but when it comes to accuracy, many of today’s fly rods leave something to be desired. Increasing accuracy is the new frontier in fly fishing rod design. Making an 80-foot cast in saltwater is prospecting. Making a forty-foot cast on the nose of a laid-up tarpon is fishing. Reflect on your greatest successes and failures as an angler and the answer is clear. Accuracy breeds success.

Orvis designed the Helios 3D fly rod to cast at impressive distances without sacrificing power—and it hits the mark every time. We’ve reduced the variables at the point of release to focus the energy behind every cast. Increased hoop strength means reduced vibration for a crisp release every time, because we know accuracy is paramount. The 3D rod churns out precise casts that are the stuff of legend—because it’s the pinpoint delivery of flies that takes you from a quiet day on the water to battling predator fish ripping down the flats.

Pushing through a gusty saltwater wind is no big deal—the Helios 3D has the power to get your fly there, and the accuracy to drop it right where you want it. Whatever the location, whatever the fish, the H3D is ready for it: big rivers or saltwater, bonefish or bass—those accurate drops earn more bends in the rod, it’s as simple as that. Get the most accurate fly rod in existence and land more fish on every trip.

Model (click below) Line Weight Length Number of Pieces Price
Helios™ 3D 4-Weight 9' Fly Rod 4 9' 4 $849
Helios 3D 5-Weight, 9' Fly Rod 5 9' 4 $849
Helios™ 3D 6-Weight 9' Fly Rod 6 9' 4 $898
Helios™ 3D 7-Weight 9' Fly Rod 7 9' 4 $898
Helios™ 3D 7-Weight 10' Fly Rod 7 10' 4 $898
Helios™ 3D 8-Weight 9' Fly Rod 8 9' 4 $898
Helios™ 3D 9-Weight 9' Fly Rod 9 9' 4 $898
Helios™ 3D 10-Weight 9' Fly Rod 10 9' 4 $898
Helios™ 3D 11-Weight 9' Fly Rod 11 9' 4 $898
Helios™ 3D 12-Weight, 9' Fly Rod 12 9' 4 $898