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Orvis Penn's Creek Full-flex Bamboo Fly Rod

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7-foot, 3⅝-oz., 2-piece split bamboo rod for 4-weight line.

Whether you're looking for your first bamboo fly rod, or you are an avid collector, you'll want this rod in your collection. The Penn's Creek Full-flex Bamboo Fly Rod has been described as perhaps the most delightful full flex bamboo trout rod created by Orvis in over a century. The Penn’s Creek perfectly marries a fast action and a light tip combined with the strength of a swelled butt in the classic trout line weight to create a dynamic, powerful rod with the feel that you’ve been craving.

Bamboo fly rods are a timeless style of rod, and the material itself requires that each piece is built with impeccable care and craftsmanship. Bamboo dates back to the earliest days of fly fishing, but the artful craft continues today through brands like Orvis, brands that want to keep the tradition going. The Orvis Company has created the Penn’s Creek Full Flex Bamboo Fly Rod to be the perfect blend of delicacy in feel and power when it matters most. With a fast action blank, light tip, and superb rod strength, this rod is guaranteed to perform. Each rod is short and light, encouraging effortless short-medium distance casting.

If you’ve never owned a bamboo fly rod before, it is time to partake in years of history and tradition. This one of a kind, state of the art creation will impress any angler, regardless of experience level or personal preference. Not only are these rods completely beautiful in their style, they also exhibit the very best delicacy and finesse of any material on the market. Each Penn’s Creek Full Flex Bamboo Fly Rod comes with two tips, a gorgeous rode tube, and is handmade in the USA.

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