Orvis Superfine Glass Fly Rod - Discontinued

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Warning: fishing with fiberglass may be addictive.

A new standard has arrived in fiberglass fly rods. There’s several reasons why the Superfine Glass fly rod by Orvis was voted the best fiberglass rod by Fly Fisherman magazine. Fiberglass fly rods are about feel, accurate casting, and that classic bend, and the Superfine Glass delivers these all perfectly. The Superfine is ideal for small creeks and rivers and close range casting, and these high quality fiberglass fly rods allow you to deliver the fly line with great delicacy and fight fish with fine tippets. This Superfine Glass is the ultimate fiberglass fly rod for classic anglers who appreciate the importance of true feel.

Of you’re looking for the strength necessary to handle big fish, but in a slower action rod, the 8-weight Superfine is the perfect match for you. With slow, soft, forgiving casting, this rod will exhibit plenty of strength and lifting power when hooked up to an angry redfish or striper. For super tight streams and hidden backcountry creeks, you’ll want to get out your 3 wt Superfine. This weight is ideal for tight casting and small pools, and it will perform when it matters most. Plus, with a sleek olive finish and dark brown wraps, this rod looks as good as it feels. The Superfine Glass throws dry flies with that balanced touch that you need, and it will also sling streamers when necessary. Don’t let the delicate feel fool you, this thing is tough.

If you find yourself in small canyon streams, quiet back eddies, and high mountain rivers on a regular basis, you might be looking for something to better suit your needs. For the small stream adventure angler who appreciates accuracy, delicacy, and finesse, we welcome you to come back to glass. Each rod is handmade in Manchester, Vermont, right here in the USA. Give glass a try and see what everybody’s talking about.

Model Line Weight Length Flex Index Number of Pieces Price
Superfine Glass 2-Weight 6'6" Fly Rod 2 6'6" 3 $429
Superfine Glass 3-weight 7’ 6” Fly Rod 3 7'6" Full 3 $429
Superfine Glass 4-weight 7'6" Fly Rod 4 7'6" Full 3 $429
Superfine Glass 5-weight 8' Fly Rod 5 8' Full 3 $429
Superfine Glass 6-weight 8’6” Fly Rod 6 8'6" Full 3 $429
Superfine Glass 8-weight 8'8” Fly Rod 8 8'8" Full 4 $429