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Redington Crux Fly Rod

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The CRUX fly fishing rod is built on our Line Speed Taper, for confident short to mid-range delivery of flies and effortless extreme distance casting. Combined with the introduction of the Angled Key Grip, a denser pre-compressed cork material designed to increase durability and reduce hand fatigue, we feel the CRUX is the best rod we’ve ever built.


  • Fast Action
  • All-new Line Speed Taper for extreme distance casting and effortless short to mid-range delivery of flies
  • Increased connectivity between the tip, middle, and lower sections for an all-around superior feel
  • Stiffer tip designed to reduce tip vibrations
  • Fine diameter blanks throughout range to reduce resistance and increase rod recovery speed
  • Denser pre-compressed cork material on Angled Key Grip increases durability and sensitivity, while reducing hand fatigue
  • Angled Key Grip promotes the most versatile and productive casting grip the extended finger grip
  • Lightweight guides and minimal rod wraps to increase recovery for high line speed gains
  • Fully anodized aluminium reel seat with in-built hook keepers
  • Reel seat features double anodized high-quality design detailing with enlarged fixed reel foot hood with line identification
  • Premium metallic olive matte finish
  • Section alignment dots for easy and correct assembly of rod guides
  • Fully protected cordura rod tube with dividers
  • Lifetime Warranty


Model Line Size Length Handle Pieces SKU
CRUX 376-4 3WT 7'6" Standard Handle 4 5-5023T-376-4
CRUX 390-4 3WT 9'0" Standard Handle 4 5-5023T-390-4
CRUX 486-4 4WT 8'6" Standard Handle 4 5-5023T-486-4
CRUX 490-4 4WT 9'0" Standard Handle 4 5-5023T-490-4
CRUX 586-4 5WT 8'6" Standard Handle 4 5-5023T-586-4
CRUX 590-4 5WT 9'0" Standard Handle 4 5-5023T-590-4
CRUX 690-4 6WT 9'0" Standard Handle 4 5-5023T-690-4
CRUX 690-4S 6WT 9'0" Fighting Butt Handle 4 5-5023T-690-4S
CRUX 696-4S 6WT 9'6" Fighting Butt Handle 4 5-5023T-696-4S
CRUX 7100-4 7WT 10'0" Fighting Butt Handle 4 5-5023T-7100-4
CRUX 790-4 7WT 9'0" Fighting Butt Handle 4 5-5023T-790-4
CRUX 8100-4 8WT 10'0" Fighting Butt Handle 4 5-5023T-8100-4
CRUX 890-4 8WT 9'0" Fighting Butt Handle 4 5-5023T-890-4
CRUX 990-4 9WT 9'0" Fighting Butt Handle 4 5-5023T-990-4
CRUX 1090-4 10WT 9'0" Fighting Butt Handle 4 5-5023T-1090-4
15 models available