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Scientific Anglers


Scientific Anglers Trout Fly Fishing Kit

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Here at Aventuron, we believe that you shouldn’t have to take out a loan to get started in fly fishing. Instead, we believe that all you need is one of our completely redesigned fly-fishing outfits. The outfits are high quality while staying super affordable. Start with a quality graphite rod with a moderate action, add in a dependable disc-drag reel, throw in a line specifically designed for each rod as well as a sturdy rod tube, and you have the beginning of a long fly fishing career. They say you’ll always remember your first; this applies to fly rods, fish, and kisses. Start making memories now with your Scientific Anglers Trout Fly-Fishing Outfit.

When you first start your fly fishing career, it can be difficult to figure out everything you need. There is so much to learn and so many products out there, getting started can seem super overwhelming. Fortunately, Scientific Anglers has started taking the mystery out of outfitting a beginner fly fisher. This species specific kit is made just for trout, the perfect fish for an angler just starting out. The Scientific Anglers Trout Fly-Fishing Outfit is easy to assemble and include a four piece fly rod, line, leader and tippet all spooled up on a quality disc drag reel, as well as a sturdy rod tube.

Whether you’re looking to start your fly fishing career or you’re a seasoned angler looking for a new backup or main outfit, the Scientific Anglers Trout Fly-Fishing Outfit is perfect for your next big trouting adventure.

  • High quality 4-piece 5-weight graphite rod for smooth and easy casting
  • Dependable disc-drag reel pre-loaded with a line designed specifically for this rod
  • Trout 5-6 weight
  • High quality graphite rod
  • Dependable disc drag reel
  • Sturdy rod tube
  • Palming rim for added drag

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