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Temple Fork Outfitters


TFO Bug Launcher Fly Rod Kit

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Whether you’re just getting started in fly fishing or if you’re looking to outfit a brand new angler with a great quality rod, we recommend starting with the TFO Bug Launcher Kit. This kit has everything you need to get started on the right foot with high quality tools that are designed to last. The TFO Bug Launcher Kit is perfect for anglers of any age.

Consider who first inspired you to pick up a fly rod. Was it your parents, or perhaps an extended family member or family friend? Somebody who helped you throw your very first tailing loop and got you hooked. If you’ve found yourself longing to inspire another young angler to pursue fly fishing, Temple Fork Outfitters has you covered. With the TFO Bug Launcher Kit, anyone can have access to the equipment that they need so that they can start right.

The Bug Launcher Kit includes a high quality rod of a thinner diameter with compressed cork grips for a better fit in smaller hands. The yellow Bug Launcher logo stands out against a candy apple red blank, a perfectly visible and vibrant set of colors that are perfect to suit a young fisherman. The blank is made from general graphite so there’s less risk when that passing dragonfly happens to take a swipe. An extended reel seat allows smaller anglers to use two hands for more control, something that is extra important for newbies on the younger side.

Each TFO Bug Launcher Kit includes a NXT II reel rigged with matching weight forward floating line, leader, and backing, all packed neatly in a rod and reel carrying case. We are so excited to offer this ideal beginner’s kit so you can ensure that your little angler has all the things that they need to start their fly fishing adventure with pride.

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