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FORJ Thermoplastic Repair Tape 20 Ft. Ribbon Tin

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Put the world's strongest and lightest material to work fixing your broken tools, sports gear, outdoor equipment and more.

A must-have for any toolbox...Forj is a high strength, lightweight thermoplastic tape-ribbon that molecularly fuses to itself in a matter of seconds. Simply heat, press and repeat to repair tools, create custom grips, fix broken sports equipment and more. Once cooled, the self-bonding plastic hardens, creating a bond as strong as steel.

A lighter, stronger alternative to tapes, twines and wire, Forj's space-age composite design is a staple for all outdoor enthusiasts and has a place in every kitchen drawer, toolbox, and backpack. Create custom grips, handles, splints, and harnesses in seconds. Tow equipment, gear, and toys with ease. Brave every adventure with Forj. 


How to use:

Illustration of heating a strip of Forj ribbon in a pot of hot water

1. HEAT: Heat ribbon to 140°F or hotter to bend and mold Forj into desired shape. You can use hot water, a hair dryer, a heat gun, a microwave, open-flame or solar magnification.

Illustration of using hands to set Forj ribbon into place

2. SHAPE: Once Forj becomes clear, the resin is hot enough to be shaped and adhere to itself to form a bond. As it cools and solidifies, it returns to white.

Illustration of Forj wrapped around broken object

3. FIX: Let your creation set for a few minutes. Once cooled, the lightweight material molecularly fuses to itself for a bond as strong as steel.


If adjustments or additions are desired, simply reheat Forj. Forj can be reheated and reformed several times.

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