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Galvan Fly Reels

Galvan The Grip Fly Reel

If you’re serious about fishing in harsh conditions, Galvan’s Grip Fly Reel is the perfect fly reel for you. Grip fly reels are designed for those that desire a fully sealed drag system for the most extreme conditions. They have the same heavy duty, clean cut construction that Torque and Rush series reels have become known for, only with a few sweet additions that are sure to impress. The Galvan technologies included in our Grip Fly Reel include: 6061, EZ Grip, L.A.D., low - cof, maximum porting, microTune, Water Lock Hub, PBR, Torque Drag System, TruBalance, T2, and RRetrieve.

The Grip Fly Reel has been carefully constructed and crafted with the highest standards of quality and performance in mind. We are constantly improving our design, and the result of all of this hard work is now fully accessible to you, the angler. To start, 2 Hybrid ceramic ball bearings and even more carbon fiber have been incorporated, adding to the silky smooth drag that all Galvan users are accustomed to. After all, you wouldn’t expect anything less from a Galvan Fly Reel. A watertight, easy to access hub has also been added encasing the entire drag system, leaving only anodized aluminum exposed to the elements. The new quick turn knob allows for a super quick spool release as well as easy access to the Drag System, and the Monster grip handle provides assured accessibility.

The Grip Fly Reel is available in both right handed and left handed configurations, and you can choose from the G-8, G-10, and G-12 models. We offer these options so that you can get outfitted with the perfect Grip Fly Reel that is the perfect match for you. The Grip Fly Reel has everything you need for your next journey into extreme conditions, and more.

Model & Diameter Spool Width Weight(oz.) Line Weights Line Capacity Yards Backing Reel Price Spool Price
G-8 (4.0) 1.25″ 7.8 8 WF-8-F 200yds (20 lb) $535.00 $230.00
G-10 (4.25) 1.35″ 8.7 10 WF-10-F 250yds (30 lb) $585.00 $255.00
G-12 (4.5) 1.35″ 9.5 12 WF-12-F 300yds (30 lb) $635.00 $280.00

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