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Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini USB LED Light

Instead of messing around with a bulky torch or lantern, hook up a couple of light-a-life minis to a USB power source, and watch your tent turn into an inviting and illuminated space. The Light-a-Life Mini USB light from Goal Zero, is a chainable light that works by pairing it up with a separate Goal Zero charger or other USB power port. 

Featuring 110 lumens, and with a collapsible diffuser that allows for two modes – spot light for bright light when you’re outside, or lantern mode for soft, ambient light when you’re indoors. You can string up to 4 of these lights together, and it has a carabiner included -  so you can connect a chain of lights for your shelter, off a tree or anywhere else you need some overhead illumination.

Compact enough to carry with you on a lightweight backpacking mission, and effective enough to take with your car camping – the Light-a-Life mini is a USB powered lighting solution for outdoor adventures.

  • Collapsible diffuser
  • Works with any Goal Zero recharger or USB source
  • Chain up to 4 light-a-life minis together
  • Carabiner included 

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