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Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Power Pack

If you travel a lot like us and are sick of searching the of airports for wall sockets, or the kind of adventurer who likes to take their laptop or tablet with them off the grid, then the Sherpa 50 power pack from Goal Zero is going to make recharging your devices easy when you’re on the go.

The Sherpa 50 can charge a headlamp 12 times, smartphone 7 times, POV camera 5 times, digital camera 5 times, tablet 1-2 times, and a laptop once. You can recharge this power pack in three ways: by plugging into a wall outlet, connecting it to a compatible separate Goal Zero solar panel, or by connecting it into your car 12V adapter.

You can use the Sherpa to power your device by the USB port or the laptop tips, it will take the same amount of time to charge your device from a wall outlet. Take this lightweight power pack with you wherever you go, and charge it up wherever you are so you can keep your devices ready to go on all your adventures.

  • Recharge the Sherpa by wall, car or sun
  • Takes the same amount of time to charge from this power pack as it does from wall
  • Headlamp – 12 charges, smartphone – 7 charges. POV camera – 5 charges, Digital Camera – 5 times, Tablet 1-2 charges, laptop – 1 charge.
  • Laptop tips included 

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