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Goal Zero Torch 250 Light

When it comes to reliability when you’re on you adventure, the Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight really takes the cake – in fact it buys out the entire bakery!

You’ll never be left without light with this gem of a torch, as it provides three ways for recharging. You can charge it from the solar panel on the back or by connecting it to a compatible solar panel, USB power source, or the hand crank in an emergency which will provide 2 mins of light for every 1 minute of cranking.

The long-lasting lithium battery allows this torch to also charge your devices if you’re caught in a power outage - you can charge your smartphone, headlamp or give your tablet a boost if you’re in need of it. With three lighting options – flashlight, floodlight or emergency red light, there’s a mode for any situation you happen to find yourself in.

For a reliable torch and charger in one, that can be recharged anywhere – the Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight is all you’ll need.

  • Flashlight, floodlight and red emergency light modes
  • Lithium battery allows you to charge and boost devices
  • Charge from solar panel on back or compatible separate solar panel, USB power source, or hand crank
  • Recharge times: MP3 Player (3Wh) = 6 recharges, Smartphone (7Wh) = 2 recharges, POV Camera (5.5Wh) = 3 recharges, Headlamp (3-6Wh) = 2-5 recharges, and Tablet (25-50Wh) = 50% Boost

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