Knog Blinder Road USB-Rechargeable Safety Light Twin Pack~ Black

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Features Constant Current Drive Technology that maintains consistent brightness for optimal visibility.
Intergrated USB, low battery indicator
To turn the light on and off, it requires a one second press-and-hold
Rear Light:
- USB extension cord included<
- Side illumination provides 300 degrees of visibility
- Peloton Mode: 13 hours, Eco Flash: 20 hours
- Steady Mode: 3.5 hours, 2 and 3 Flash: 4 - 5 hours
- Output: 66 Lumens Strobe
Dual beam lenses provide light visible up to 800 meters
Waterproof construction
Front Light:
- Dual removable silicone strap for bars 22 - 27mm and 27 - 35mm
- Helmet mount and USB extension cord included
- Output: 200 Lumens max
- Modes: (Low-beam) Steady 2 hours / Flash 6 hours; (High-beam) Steady 1 hour / Flash 4 hours