LOOK GEO TREKKING VISION Pedals - Single Side Clipless with Platform, Chromoly, 9/16", Black

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SKU: PD0377

The GEO TREKKING VISION is the ultimate commuter pedal. Two different sides: one flat suitable for any shoes, and the other SPD-compatible for when you take things up a level. A removable light system adds that little extra security: ride to work in your suit and tie, ride home via the trails and side roads.

  • HYBRID design – 1 Flat side, 1 clipless side (SPD compatible)
  • VISION – Comes with 2 lights and add up to 4 with 3 flashing modes, 15 lumens making you visible from 400+ meters with 180˚ visibility
  • Durable, but lightweight at 200g per pedal / 450g pair with cleats, power-to-weight advantage
  • SPD compatible, X-Track Easy Cleat included, with 6˚ float angle, 13˚ release angle
  • Composite Body, Chromoly + Spindle, Steel Bearings, Composite Studs

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