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One River Nets


One River Custom Handmade Trout Nets - Sheboygan River No. 2

One River Nets

One passion. One purpose. One at a time.

Sheboygan River No. 2: 
-Fancy Maple w/ Purpleheart + Ebony Handle
-Maple w/ Purpleheart Hoop Handmade landing nets, designed to enhance the time we spend doing the things we love. Made from select hardwoods, many from northern Wisconsin and Michigan. Each utilize a Clear Rubber Bag traditionally lashed with 1/16 Atwood Rope to eliminate water ingress to the hoops compared to modern day stitching. 

Prices vary per piece depending on labor time (between 6 and 10 hours a piece) and complexity. 

Measurements: 40" Length 21 x 14" Net Opening 15" Bag Depth

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