Orvis Finesse Changer Chenille 1"

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Use our Finesse Chenille (1") to tie up smaller versions of the Chocklett's Game Changer fly pattern.

Ideal for tying Blane Chocklett’s effective Game Changer fly pattern, Finesse Changer Chenille (1") is the ideal material for tying smaller flies, its density enabling the micro-movements that entice cautious fish to strike. Ideal for palmering or wrapping, this chenille is one to keep in your fly-tying kit.

Includes 4 yards of material. Made in USA.

1"W, each side is ½".


  • Just the right density for tying Blane Chocklett’s famed Game Changer pattern or other palmered baitfish
  • Ideal for smaller flies
  • Can be used for palmering or wrapping