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Orvis Leather Recoil Sleeve And Pad

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Save your shoulder with this handsome, genuine leather recoil sleeve and pad. Just slip on over the butt stock. Perfect for those days at the clays range when you go through boxes of shotshells. Also good for increasing length of pull if needed. Pad is ½" thick, lengthening pull by ½". Embossed Orvis logo. Length measured from heel to toe of butt, width measured in center of butt. Order one size up if measurements are close..
Available in five sizes: XS (4 13/16"L x 1 7/16"W), S (5"L x 1½"W), M (5 3/16"L x 1½"W), L (5 5/16"L x 1⅝"W), XL (5½"L x 1⅞"W).
  • Saves your shoulder by easing recoil pressure
  • Slips easily over butt stock
  • Perfect for long sessions at the clays course
  • Increases length of pull if needed


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