POC Myelin Helmet - Uranium Black, Medium

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The POC Myelin is the conscious choice for the new breed of city cyclist. Designed to be easily recyclable, the Myelin cuts away the complexity and uses distinct materials to create a helmet where it's possible to leave no trace.
Recyclable design creates lower environmental impact
The helmet can be easily separated into its constituent parts for recycling at end of life
Re-used materials are integrated into the helmet's buckle, textile cover, padding, strap material, EPS, and injected parts
An outer shell in fabric reduces use of plastics and improves recyclability
Glue-free construction - Built with as few different pieces as possible, the helmet's materials hold each other securely in place
A simple snap adjuster combines with elastic sections in the straps to provide a secure fit that can be left untouched when putting on or taking off the helmet
A network of holes in the top of the helmet allow heat to escape