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RIO Hogan Military Mayfly Nymph

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RIO's Hogan Military Mayfly Nymph is a proper guide fly by all definitions and your new secret weapon. But don't just take our word for it. Take it from outstanding guide and signature tyer, Hogan Brown.

"Most Mayfly nymph patterns are built around a specific hatch or species. At best, I am an armchair entomologist, and many of the tailwaters I guide have MANY different types of small mayflies nymphs. I came up with this pattern as a platform to tie as many different colors of small mayfly nymphs as I found underneath the rocks of the rivers I guided. I knew the pattern worked well—it was slender, flashy, and with a change of thread, wire, and dubbing, could be anything from a PMD, BWO, or that weird pink mayfly we just called pinkies."