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RIO Hogan Rh Step Child

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RIO's Hogan RH Step Child comes with the silhouette of a petite mayfly nymph with one extra detail, attention-grabbing attractor elements that are proven, fish catchers.

"When I was a young guide on the Lower Trinity River, I worked for a legendary guide that I would never dare fish in front of. While I learned a ton watching him and guiding behind him, the downside was fish would not eat a red copper john during the mayfly hatches for me as they would him. So, I had to innovate and take elements of an attractor like the copper john that I knew the fish wanted or liked with a more accurate silhouette of the bugs they were eating – small baetis and early PMD, or small green drake nymphs. In the end, my pattern proved to be more effective, and I am forever grateful for that learning experience as it made me into a better fly designer." Hogan Brown