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RIO Hogan S&M Nymph

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It’s a Mayfly... It’s a Baetis... It’s Hogans S&M Nymph! RIO’s Signature Fly Tier, Hogan Brown, says it’s “all in the details” with this little number—”just like a true guide fly. “I imagined this fly when I actually started paying attention to how Baetis nymphs truly look, very different from what was in most fly bins. When I started turning over rocks on my local tailwater, I realized that most small baetis nymphs were no thicker than a hook shank. And they were definitely not cylindrical in shape. Furthermore, they had color patterns that made them darker on top than underneath, which was very different from the standard flashback pattern I was used to fishing.”

Hogan keeps the materials trim, uses a darker wing case to imitate nymphs as they approach emergence, and adds just the right amount of movement and pop. Even the fussiest tailwater trout won’t become hip to this nymph. Available in three new colors, Hogan personally uses the dark baetis colorway as his secret weapon when the olive becomes too familiar. Also, new this season is the Light and Rusty PMD colors. “Ascertain rivers trout prefer one color over the other, and of course, their preference can change on any given day.” Take it from Hogan; having both in your box is critical.