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RIO Hogan Yuba Pupa

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Drift it, swing it, hang it. Whichever way, fish it. Truly a fly for every stage of caddis hatch, you can spend more time with your fly in the water catching more fish. RIO's signature fly tyer, Hogan Brown, gives us the deets on RIO's Hogan Yuba Pupa.

"I grew up fishing and guiding the Lower Yuba River—a classic western tailwater with large caddis hatches throughout the year. It is also a river where an angler has to fish through a hatch. Nymph the pupa, swing the emerger, dead drift the adult emerging on the surface, dead drift a cripple even, and then spalt down the egg layers at times.

I did not want to tie a pupa, emerger, cripple. I wanted to tie a dry and a nymph and have the nymph cover all the possibilities—thus, The Yuba was born! It can be dead, drifted as a pupa, swung with a straight eye hook as an emerger, hung as a cripple behind an adult, and be tied in dark and light colors."