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RIO Premier Tarpon Fly Line

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The perfect choice of line for anglers targeting tarpon and other large tropical species, with ultra-slick performance
  • Effortless casting, accurate line design that turns over typical tarpon flies with ease
  • Built on a strong, medium stiff core which will not wilt in the heat
  • Built with RIO's exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating


The Perfect Line For Anglers Targeting Tarpon And Other Large Tropical Species.

RIO's Tarpon line has a mid-length head, and a short, powerful front taper to easily cast typical Tarpon flies with ease. The rear weight distribution easily loads powerful saltwater fly rods and ensures the very best in presentation so as not to spook wary poons, making it the ideal all-round Tarpon line.

Premier Tarpon - All Models

Line Size Density Line Color Sink Rate 30ft Head Weight Total Head Weight Head Length Total Length SKU
WF10F Seagrass/Gray/Sand Seagrass/Gray/Sand Float 316gr (20.5gm) 385gr (24.9gm) 40ft (12.2m) 100ft (30.5m) 6-19641
WF11F Seagrass/Gray/Sand Seagrass/Gray/Sand Float 367gr (23.8gm) 430gr (27.9gm) 40ft (12.2m) 100ft (30.5m) 6-19642
WF12F Seagrass/Gray/Sand Seagrass/Gray/Sand Float 428gr (27.7g) 510gr (33.1gm) 40ft (12.2m) 100ft (30.5m) 6-19643
WF9F Seagrass/Gray/Sand Seagrass/Gray/Sand Float 270gr (17.5gm) 330gr (21.4gm) 39ft (11.9m) 100ft (30.5m) 6-19640