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Simms Women's Vaportread Wading Boot - Vibram Soles

These boots prove that wading boots don’t have to be dull and ugly! Today, there aren’t a ton of options available for wading boots for women, and we are here to change that. You don’t have to sacrifice style for function, or vise versa. We hope to brighten up the choices that are available to women so you can showcase your style while fishing, hiking, camping, or just wading into the water. These lightweight, high-output boots offer innovative all day comfort that can’t be found in many wading boots for women.

Wade confidently in Simms' highly rated, award-winning Women's VaporTread® Boot, powered by a hiker-inspired design and the always-agile VaporTread™ underfoot platform. The features of these amazing boots include the unmatched durability of a synthetic leather, textile and scratch-rubber upper. The inside of the Simms Women’s Vaportread Wading Boot - Vibram Soles are partially-lined with neoprene that helps to add warmth and cushioning, much appreciated when wading into cold water. The neoprene also helps add an easy on, easy off performance to the boot so you can get back to what you’re doing quickly and effortlessly. Simms' precision women's fit is designed specifically for women’s feet, so they are sure to work with your feet for bolstered support from bottom to top. All of these features combines puts a long haul to feeding fish within easy reach.

We offer FREE SHIPPING on the Simms Women's Vaportread Wading Boot - Vibram Soles, so you can get your boots delivered at the best price possible. It’s time to throw out your ideas of typical wading boots for women - brown, black, boring, ugly, dull, too big, don’t fit correctly… those days are over! We are so excited to offer these colorful, comfortable, practical, durable boots that prove that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort and function.

ITEM # PG-10898

Size Chart

To allow proper room for the neoprene stockingfoot, find your regular shoe size in the right-hand columns and order the corresponding Simms Boot in the first or second column. This will typically be one size up from your normal shoe size when selecting a women's boot and one size down when selecting a men's boot (ie: a women's USA size 8 would take a women's wading boot size 9 or a men's wading boot size 7).

Simms Women's
Boot Size
Simms Men's
Boot Size
5 -- 4 35 3 22
6 -- 5 36 4 23
7 5 6 37 5 24
8 6 7 38 6 25
9 7 8 39 7 26
10 8 9 40 8 27
11 9 10 41 9 28
12 10 11 42 10 29

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