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SIS Science in Sport Nutrition Beta Fuel Drink Mix Powder - Red Berry, Box of 15

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Beta Fuel has been developed to deliver the maximum amount of carbohydrate in a 2:1 ratio of Maltodextrin to Fructose while also limiting gastrointestinal distress.
The product mixed to concentration is 80 grams carbohydrate (2:1 maltodextrin:fructose), 20 mmol/L sodium and 500 ml of fluid per serving; drink little and often during exercise to meet fueling requirements
Unique isotonic formula means that high levels of carbohydrate can be absorbed with minimal risk of gastrointestinal issues
Ideal for endurance exercise lasting over 2.5hours and where refueling is difficult
Uses natural flavors and is free from colors and preservatives
Thin water-like viscosity, the and single serving packets assure correct amount is used