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Smanie DH Series Saddle - Chromoly, Microfiber Black, 133

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Born to shred, born to win – the DH series saddle. It was developed specifically to conquer the most demanding World Cup Downhill tracks on the planet. As mountain bike geometry design progresses, saddle design must also keep pace. The rear cut-out and short design give riders the ability to run even longer dropper posts without fear of the rear tire buzzing the saddle when the suspension becomes super active. The DH series saddle also uses a modified GP series base to ensure the saddle is as light as possible while allowing for extra padding to prevent bruising on the inside of your legs when you need to lean the bike to extreme angles while cornering.

  • Ample padding on the sides and the nose of the saddle to protect those who live to send it
  • The entire design of the DH series saddle was based around one thing and one thing only, SPEED
  • Designed to be the shortest possible while still complying with UCI regulations. At 244mm long it gives you the confidence to be able to run the longest dropper seat post you can find and know that you will be free from rear-wheel contact with your saddle when the dropper post is down