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Source Verve



Type: Accessories

The low profile pack design of the Verve makes this pack with 2L Low Profile Widepac stay very close to your back with little to none offset to your center of gravity. Arms and shoulders are free to move and row. Fits over most life vests.

SOURCE Water Sports Hydration Pack

Hydration Pack with 2L Low Profile Widepac

The Verve takes the unique ‘X-Fit’ shoulder straps concept proven and loved by fans of our DUNE hydration pack and introduces it to water sports. Shoulder straps come with added length to make sure the pack fits on top of life-vests. Materials are selected to be extra-resistant to enduring exposure to saltwater and sun.

The X-Strap system adjusts to body movement without inhibiting freedom of movement. The innovative ‘No Flap Straps’ adjusting system avoids loose strap ends.

Small easily accessible pockets are available for essentials or minimal stacks of nutrition for extra energy.

Verve Pack & Hydration Features

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