TOGS Green Flex Thumb Grips

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Togs are great for commuters, recreational bikers and racers alike. They fit nearly all handlebars and grips, including lock-on grips. TOgs add a control point to the top of the bar. Control the bar with your thumbs and conveniently index shift and brake from the Togs position.Togs give your hands and wrists a change of position. This means less wrist flexing and hand clenching, making an overall happier ride. Great for hand issues.
Rubber tip for comfort and shock absorption
17deg rotation for ergonomic hand and wrist placement
Raised hood works with all grips
Flexible legs for easy install without removing grips
Lightly tighten until snug, TOGS should rotate on bars if forced
Made in the USA
Not ideally suited for grip-shift setups