Umpqua B/C Dropper Hopper - 12 Pack

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In 1998 John Barr had tried bullet head hoppers to suspend his Copper Johns, but found it problematic obtaining elk hair that was of sufficient length. Turning to foam, John tried the new Charlie Boy Hopper, but quickly found even that lacked sufficient buoyancy. John then enlisted the wondrous tying skills of Charlie Craven - the Charlie Boy's designer - and they went to work. Actually - John mostly talked and tested (he fished) while Charlie did the work (the tying). The finished flies are truly wondrous creations, the result of collaborative problem solving and tying at the very highest level. • Bullet proof: these flies will last though tussles with fish after fish. • Unsinkable: that was the whole point to begin with. These have suspended up to 5 Copper Johns at a time. • TMC 5262: good gape and enough iron for the biggest pig in the river. • High visibility: visible at the end of the longest cast, in the heaviest riffle, in all light conditions and, lest we forget, it must be easily seen…its also an indicator. • Stealth: doesn't seem to disturb indicator-shy fish. • Imitative: want to fish one dry? This fly will stand - and fish - alone. • Combo Fly Attraction: somehow the three flies in combination (Foam B/C dry, the Copper John, and the Dropper Fly) are mutually enhancing. They often perform better in combination than when fished alone…teamwork. One plus one plus one equals FOUR.