Umpqua Blueribbon Cripple PMD - 12 Pack

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Few have been so smitten with the use of z-lon like Craig Mathews' staff in West Yellowstone, especially its use as a tailing fiber to simulate the nymphal shuck in both mayflies and caddis. Over the years, in search of the "perfect" cripple, they used z-lon to alter the older Quigley-style marabou cripples. In fact they eliminated the marabou altogether in favor of a more slender and exacting mayfly shape. This bug has been thoroughly tested for many years on all the waters of the Yellowstone area. If Blue Ribbon's guides don't get results no pattern endures for long. This one has: • Z-lon shuck • Slender dubbed bodies • Poly wing • Hackled trimmed on bottom to ensure it rides flush in the film. A simple yet deadly pattern.