Umpqua Conehead Wooly - 6 Pack

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We feel strongly that Mike has created an instant classic, especially since it is a modern refinement of an old one, his famous Woolhead Sculpin . The original has been responsible for some monster fish for many years, from hook-jawed browns in the Rockies to leopard-spotted rainbows in Alaska. And while we will still offer the original, times change, and so has this fly. - Many said the older version didn't sink fast enough. With the addition of more wire and a burly brass cone, this one will bounce right along the bottom - The entire profile has been changed: shorter tail, larger pectorals and a more streamlined and realistic sculpin shape. - A little red dubbing for gill color, and just the right amount of flash. The original woolhead sculpin has been successful for almost twenty years and it may take that long again before this conehead version can ever be improved upon. There are many very, very big fish that will get to know this pattern over the next few years. There are a few big trout that have already been introduced.