Umpqua Dragonator - 12 Pack

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After a so so day of fishing at Daimond Lake about four years ago, I walked into the fish cleaning shed at the boat ramp and witnessed some bait fisherman cleaning a stringer of trout that were chaulked full of dagonfly nymphs. I decided that I needed a suggestive patern that leaned more towards a dragon fly nymph. I took one of my flies that I had been fishing for years and modified it, and the Dragonator was born. I've sence used it to catch trout, bass, and even whitefish, in both lakes and rivers. Just fish it like you would any Wooly Bugger type fly. In still water it works well either trolled or stripped. One particular way I like to fish it is,in water 8 to 12 feet deep, using a very slow sinking line like a Rio Hover, and a 13 to 15 foot leader. I will cast out and let the fly sink down near the bottom, then give it 3 to 5 quick pulls and let it sink again, and keep repeting this. A lot of times the fish will chase the fly up off the bottom and then take it as it falls, so you have to watch the line for any movement as the fly is falling. I've also had great success fishing it on a type 4 or 6 sinking line in water 15 to 20 foot deep. Letting it sink down and fishing it off the bottom. I've had my best results in steams with the olive. In lakes, generaly the black in stained water and the burnt orange or olive in clear.