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Umpqua Freshwater Shorty

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Pre-Looped Tapered Leader for Sink Tip and Sinking Lines

Our Freshwater Shorty is the perfect leader for fishing sink tip and full sinking fly lines. With its low-visibility olive tint and Tough nylon taper, this leader is the ideal length for swinging wets to steelhead/salmon, stripping big streamers, or teasing bass from their deeper hidey-holes.

These leaders have incredible abrasion resistance and knot strength. All knotless leaders include looped butt sections. Use with Umpqua Tough Nylon™ Tippet

58741 Freshwater Shorty Leader 5' 8lb (0.010")
58742 Freshwater Shorty Leader 5' 10lb (0.011")
58743 Freshwater Shorty Leader 5' 12lb (0.012")
58744 Freshwater Shorty Leader 5' 16lb (0.015")
58745 Freshwater Shorty Leader 5' 20lb (0.017")

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