Umpqua Griffith's Gnat - 12 Pack

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Originated by the late George Griffith, Lifelong conservationist and one of the founding members of Trout Unlimited, the Griffith's Gnat has been a staple in every angler's fly box for decades. Arguably, it has accounted for more fish than any other adult midge pattern ever created. The Griffith's Gnat is a simple tie that is meant to resemble a cluster of mating midges or one single adult midge. Traditionally tied on a Tiemco 101 hook in sizes 16 to 22, the fly calls for black thread, grizzly hackle, and a peacock herl body. A great fly for beginner fly tyers and a solid pattern year round. Tie this behind a larger lead dry fly or in front of an emerger pattern and you will have success on the water.